Friday, June 12, 2009

ITIJ Interviews Baptist Health Vice President Allen Brenteson

The International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ) interviewed the Corporate Vice President of Baptist Health, Allen Brenteson, in the February 2009 issue.

Allen Brenteson spoke to ITIJ about the ways in which Baptist Health hospitals handle medical tourism and international patient services.

With ten years of experience, Baptist Health has gained extensive knowlege of the international market. The hospital's international department is well staffed and offers accurate pricing for medical procedures. Baptist Health also has an internal insurance specialist and finance team who work with foreign insurance providers in order to make the process run smoothly.

Allen Brenteson reminded ITIJ of Baptist Health's philosophy - to provide cutting-edge medical care at the best price. The hospital's pricing policy is fully transparent to avoid price descrimination.

Mr. Brenteson also told ITIJ of his previous employment experiences, his passion for golf and his educational background.

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